Links Players Area Director for Southern California/Las Vegas

Video Podcast Featuring Dereck Wong

At Links Players, we help men and women change the conversation at their clubs and courses where they play golf—from surface to substance, me to others, and temporal to eternal.

This happens through a ministry of presence, where a Links Fellowship allows participants to explore the life and words of Jesus Christ through examination of the Scriptures, to pray together in support of each other’s walk of faith, and to reach out to those in their club who need the heart change that salvation in Jesus produces.

Video Press Release

Topic Videos by Derek Wong

On staff with LPI since 2008

Long-time business leader in video game sales and distribution, LPI Board member 2005-2007

Located in Las Vegas, NV

His specializes in leadership effectiveness, in encouraging leaders to start a Links Fellowship and also helping fellowships to be sustainable.

Call Dereck if God has stirred up you heart to know more or you wanting to start a Links Fellowship at your golf club. 714-812-1046

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