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Using The Power of Generosity For Greater Success

Have More Energy

Deeper Life Purpose

 More Career Success


Your Life Isn’t As Prosperous and Joy-Filled As It Could Be


You haven’t had “fun” in a long time. Life is full of obligations and responsibilities. Free time is not spent on what you want to do but on what you should do. Fun is a luxury and considered frivolous.


Focus is lacking or scattered. You feel more stressed and more irritable. When you aren’t living a life that is fulfilling for you it’s almost as if there is a constant irritation. You think about it more, and you react with irritability and frustration.


Focus is lacking or scattered. You feel more stressed and more irritable. You think about it more, and you react with irritability and frustration.


 Succeed in Your Mission According to God’s Plan


Greater flow and energy. Get & stay excited about your mission & vision


Faster and better results. Tasks aren’t easy but they are accomplished faster and when tasks are completed expected results occur.


Know you are leaning into God’s purpose and calling for you. You’re on mission in God’s plan and you know it.

You can too.


  • Schedule a Call and Discover how the LifeShine Generosity Principle can Work For You
  • Complete the Strategic Generosity Execution Plan
  • Leverage the Strategic Generosity Principle in Every Aspect of Your Live Life, Business and Career
  • Enjoy Life to the Fullest – Succeed in Your Mission According to God’s Plan


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

-Jeremiah 29.11

My name is John Whitt, recovering corporate executive and business coach who didn’t find Jesus until turning 50, getting baptized at 52. For 39 years. Prior to that, I roamed the wilderness. I had never heard of God’s calling, but then God hooked me and reeled me in.

I invested almost thirty years in the corporate world and another twelve in the business of coaching. I trained with the legendary coaches, Brian Tracy, Jeff Walker, Pete Johnson and helped hundreds of businesses and business leaders achieve life-changing results they never thought possible. I am a spiritual warrior, a Master’s program graduate (Strategic Mentoring for Leaders in God’s Kingdom (Bob Shanks), author of the book Checkmate, Winning Tactics for Translating Ideas into Money , host of the Generosity Project Podcast and, host of the 1-hour think tank Coaches Growth Forum.

Its easy for Christian leaders to become overwhelmed by the business of life. At LifeShine Generosity Coaching, we show you a four facet diamond framework to teach you how to make generosity the keystone of your decision-making process so [your] efforts align with the successful, joyful life God intends for you to live.

 What LifeShine Members Say

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david paul, owner

After the first full-day workshop with John Whitt, I knew I wanted (needed) more! I signed up for the weekly group sessions and attended additional workshops. My mindset and business are now moving in the right direction, and FAST!

Watch the videos for a taste. 

Sara Vaziri, Owner

John is a great business coach. I have worked with him in several sessions, and every time he was very knowledgeable and to the point. Each hour of working with him saves me several hours or days of working by myself. Whenever I get a business owner asking me to sell his or her business, and they are not ready for it, John is one of my recommendations to help them get their business ready for selling.


 John is truly a great coach. His job is to move you forward with your business to where you want it to be. What this means is that you set the goals, you set the speed, you set the timing. His job is do assist you not to drive you. He is truly a coach not a drill instructor. He is NOT there to tell you what to do but to help you achieve your goals. Your business grow faster and you will find more time for life.

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