Generosity Videos

How Scarcity, Abundance, Responsibility and Stewardship Lead to Joy
with Marc Ottestad

Marc Ottestad’s desire to generously serve a messy life situation forces him to navigate the complexities of giving in a business environment.

Generous Mentorship: Rethink Options and Step into Your Best Self
with Viki Johnson

Teaching, coaching and mentoring others to rethink their options so they can become the best version of themselves is exciting.

Navigating the Amazon River with a Pecky Boat Leads to Joy
with Scot Shier

Over 264 Million people worldwide suffer from anxiety, (40 million in the United States) and much of it is attributed to money and material possessions.

The Value of Time: Mentoring Millennials and Gen Z
with Glen Stevens

How Millennial and Gen Z generations are looking to integrate faith with their business. Glen shares how he invests time in his community and in return receives the unexpected gift of life-giving joy.

How Giving from the Heart Changes Lives
with Lance Wood

High energy, generosity storytelling, Lance Wood shares how God pushed him out of his comfort zone when asked to get up before a large gathering and request from area business people to dig deep in their pockets and give towards a local children’s non-profit.

The Power of Volunteering and Doing Good for Free
with Alan Weisenberger

Guns, Guitars and Hurricane Harvey: While cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey Alan counters the question “Why would anybody do this nasty work for free?”

How a Generous Fish Story in the Heart of Africa Leads to Contentment
with Art Locke

In the heart of Africa, Art Locke is charged with teaching the natives how to raise fish. The result is an engaging short story on poverty conditions, contentment and the value serving.

Generosity without Money
with Steve Smith

Steve explains how the two biggest ways to be generous is with your money and your time. Not everyone has the money to give, the next best thing is to share with others from your past experience.