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Steve Smith: Business & Executive Coach

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Steve Smith, a professional business coach in Orange County, CA. has a mission.

This mission is to provide an extraordinary coaching experience that helps business professionals develop a keen sense of clarity, confidence and belief about being able to achieve what is most important to them and their organizations.

Since 2008, Steve has worked with over 600 business professionals from a wide variety of industries and roles to ensure these clients could envision a future of growth, profitability and long lasting success.

His specialties in leadership effectiveness, management practices and marketing strategy make him ideal for professionals who want to become world-class business owners or company executives.

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Steve Smith, one of the top rated business coaches in greater Orange County, CA. has led a dedicated career in consumer products and manufacturing. After working for some of America’s most recognized companies, he sought to bring his gift for success to other American companies in hopes of not just inspiring others for success but to bring about necessary changes to corporations to experience even greater success.

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